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June, 2019

Jun 19

Added updates for part of Elen Daelarion Caves, Rorial Halls.

Jun 15

Added Projects 7 and 8. Added Projects 9, 10, and 11.

Jun 14

Added the overhead view of Elen Daelarion caves. Added Project 6: updating dungeon and town maps on Crestar.

Jun 10

Added site navigation menus. Updates to these menus as needed.

This site will cover all of my rpg maps in progress. That includes 1e AD&D; Zor on Crestar which is for B/X D&D; Traveller Classic; Tunnels and Trolls from 1980; Wizard Realm by Mystic Swamp from early 1980s; The Fantasy Trip; updates to my dice collection; Crestars’ Dwarf Home and Dwarf Home Two; My version of B4 The Lost City; people drawings for my sites using Campaign Cartographer 3+ and Character Artist; Future Mars late 21st century and beyond; Past Future Mars which is about ‘Space: 1889 !’; and last but not least my work for the Profantasy Community Atlas.

Adding projects. Listing, and linked to 5 of them. There are more but I’ll link/list those at a later date.

Afternoon: Adding in some example maps. Site navigation update is also in progress.

Site navigation and exmapes/links to other sites updated.

If you have trouble with my navigation menus, please let me know on the forums I frequent.

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